Monday, November 1, 2010

Rattie Interviews =>

 Hi i want to interview all my rats personality's. So i will start with Tom.  Tom has a very quiet nature about him.  He has a gentle sole.  He loves to be sitting on your shoulder when you are doing your  homework or something like that.  I think Tom has the poorer eyesight of the three rats.  Moving on to Jerry.  Jerry has a craving for FOOD!!! He will try and steel  Tom & Charlies food and hide it up in one of the levels that i have in their cage.  Jerry has very scratchy claws and when you hold him he curls up his feet and scratches you!  So i don't really like holding him much.  now  Charlie.  Charlie has a very cheeky attitude!!!  and likes to go CRAZY!!! ( sometimes Charlie gets over excited and starts jumping all over the place.  its so funny!!!)